In the News: Goldstar’s New Marketing Tool, Boost

An example of a boosted event in a Goldstar email.

What’s the biggest challenge for the live events industry? Awareness.

As Jim said in Brad Weissberg’s story in Venues Today, “Marketing is more fragmented than ever, making it harder and harder to get the word out. People can’t buy tickets to something they don’t know is happening.”

To help create more awareness, Goldstar recently launched Boost, which puts events into a more prominent place in Goldstar emails and places it in additional email sends (beyond the normal, organic reach).

With Boost, you:
•Decide when and for how long you want to increase your email placements
•Pick the cities you want to promote in – stick to the venue’s city or go cross-country
•Create your campaigns whenever you want (it’s totally self-serve)
•Take advantage of an affordable, introductory $5 CPM

As Weissberg reported:

“Goldstar’s events are listed organically, based on an algorithm that uses previous purchase data. The service sends out emails on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on the preference of the customer. In that email, 15 events that are in proximity of the receiver are displayed.

‘In big markets there are hundreds of shows that are geographically close,’ said McCarthy. ‘The top 15  are determined by the algorithm which uses how long an event has been listed, user likes and dislikes and other factors to pick the 15 events listed on the e-blast.’

Goldstar’s new Boost product allows a client to ‘buy a better position in that list,’ explained McCarthy. ‘We only boost a listing that’s already on your list. If your event is 18-down and you want to get into the 15 events we list in an email, Boost allows you to move your event up.’

It works like this: A client self-automates a boost by going onto the Goldstar platform and creating a campaign in the client portal. The supplier picks the number of emails they want to have their event boosted in, where geographically the boosts should be placed and how long they want the campaign to last. It costs $5 dollars per 1,000 boosts.”

Want to learn more or try Boost? You can click here for details.

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