In the midst of #TakeaKnee, How One Team Engages the Community

As live entertainment marketers, much of our time is spent racking our brains to develop new and innovative marketing campaigns. How can we reach and engage with more and more of our community and beyond?

Just in time for football, The Bears have come out of hibernation with a fresh idea. The team has commissioned four street-art murals that both celebrate the team and beautify the city. According to Adweek, the NFL club hopes the ad campaign will establish “a closer and more engaging relationship with the community than traditional out-of-home advertising does.”

The team and marketing co. picked picked four different locations in the middle of four different neighborhoods, so local residents can enjoy them.

Fernando Arriola, VP of fan and brand development for the Bears, tells AdFreak: “We want to underscore the Bears being part of the community and the community being part of the Bears. The more engaging, the better.”

He continues: “These murals … are a reflection of the community developed by local artists, each expressing the passion of Chicago Bears football that the people of Chicago can enjoy in ways to unique each individual.”

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