In Case You Missed It

• Words are powerful, but when you use the wrong words to describe your business you might as well be speaking nonsense. Goldstar CEO Jim McCarthy explains why words like “guest” aren’t the right way to go in live entertainment.

• The Royal Opera aims to grab a younger audience by slashing prices and performing a risqué show for opening night. And that’s only the beginning

• Earlier this week, we chatted with artistic director Jack Reuler from Mixed Blood Theatre about their “Radical Hospitality” program that’s giving audiences free shows and more.

• Do artists have an obligation to be political? The New York Times reporter Anthony Tommasini looks at this issue and how it’s affecting Venezuelan musicians in particular.

• Another pressing question: Is Hamlet staged too often? Michael Dobson and Clare Brennan from The Observer debate this issue and the importance of high-profile celebrities like Benedict Cumberbatch performing on stage.

• And finally, for a bit of a laugh, check out this video on Seth Godin’s blog. Pretty sure we’ve all been in a meeting like this at some point …

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