In Case You Missed It

Each week we put together a collection of stories we think are worth a read. And now, in case you missed them …

  • With the success of Orange Is the New Black, prison and prison-themed entertainment is a hot topic. Over on, Jonathan Mandell discusses a new kind of live entertainment production that aims to show the true prison experience.
  • We’ve talked a lot about children’s theater and it’s importance, and Lyn Gardner from The Guardian is sharing another perspective on the topic in her interview with David Wood, an Olivier-nominated playwright and director. Read to see why he thinks shows for kids are the most important work we can do.
  • Why are we so quick to kill off (or suggest killing off) arts organizations? McCarthy shares his arguments for why we should leave it up to the organizations themselves to decide when, or if, they pull the plug.
  • Good news for the Disney Hall in Los Angeles: A new agreement will ensure that there’s no rumbling subway noise interrupting the music. Read more at the Los Angeles Times to see how the Hall accomplished this feat.


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