In Case You Missed It

Each week we gather up a few stories worth a read (or second read). And now, in case you missed them …

Crowdfunding works. That’s what the data reports for campaigns for theater and dance projects in the UK in the first part of this year.

British singer Sarah Brightman (Phantom of the Opera) wants to be the first to sing in space – and she’s willing to pay for it: $52 million. But she’s got some competition: Lady Gaga. Stay tuned to see who’ll sing among the stars first.

Goldstar CEO Jim McCarthy broke down why “ticket buyers don’t care about your costs.” In other words, cost is your problem. Price is theirs. Understanding this basic concept can be a major advantage.

Connect with an audience? Check. Surpass one million YouTube views? Check. Use 20 blocks of melting butter? Check. Indonesian performance artist Melati Suryodarmo learned a thing or two about audience engagement with her clip of Exergie — butter dance, and she’s now one of the most famous performance artists to come out of Indonesia.

Goldstar Director of Communication Patch Canada weighed in on the Washington Redskins name debate — whether to keep or change it. Some traditions are worth tossing in the name of not offending particular groups. Just look at what happened to the beloved Broadway show Annie Get Your Gun in 1999.

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