Hubbard Street Dance Takes It to the Streets to Grow

Hubbard Street Dance Chicago: Fall Series 2013

Hubbard Street Dance Chicago: Fall Series 2013

I love this article. This is a dance company whose sense of mission makes them realize that they must reach more people, which means they must, ultimately, be audience-oriented.

Jason Palmquist, the organization’s Executive Director, reflects on a tagline from the late ’90s for the organization (before his time there). The tagline said: “3 weeks only. You’ll need the other 49 to catch your breath.” Jason rejects that thinking, saying, “You’ll have the other 49 weeks to forget about us completely.”

I love it because it shows an understanding of how people really think and allows the organization to see itself as it truly is, not in some weird fantasy light where people are so blown away by a dance performance they can’t stand another one until next year.

Here’s how it really works: If people really like it, they want more, and soon.

Read the whole thing! Hubbard Street Dance Chicago branches out to thrive in a troubled economy.

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