How Your Venue Can Ace Millennial Marketing

When it comes to reaching millennials, authenticity is key. According to this PSFK article, L.A. grocery chain Erewhon is winning with millennials by being transparent about what they sell.

In 2011, Tony Antoci bought the struggling stores, which only sell organic foods. Today the chain is “thriving,” especially with millennials, who, “according to Antoci, ‘just get organic.'”

Jennifer Passas writes, “Immediately after buying the stores, Antonci worked on rebranding the shop and creating an ingredients list. The result was a list of products that Erewhon will and will not sell, including any items that include processed sugar and yeast extract. All Erewhon employees are educated on the ingredient profile of the store and are able to give customers information on why certain products make or do not make the cut.”

Customers feel they can trust Erewhon, which has helped fuel their success.

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