How Top Music Festivals Use Social Media

Social media can be an incredibly valuable tool for live entertainment marketers. It allows you to spread the word about your events, get true fans excited and get instant feedback on what’s working.

But social media can also feel a bit overwhelming when you’re trying to determine the best ways to utilize it. To help, HubSpot put together some of the best ways music festivals are using social media. Check out the full article here, or our picks below:

Making a Splash on YouTube

What better way to tell prospective attendees what your event is going to be like than showing them videos from past iterations?
The folks who market Belgium’s famous music festival, Tomorrowland, got 37.4 million views and over 250,000 likes on their promotional video, as of this posting. That’s 10X as many views as Sziget, Coachella, EDC, EXIT, Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo combined.

Making Twitter a Reliable Place for Information

Looking for a way to amplify your message? Twitter is one of the best avenues for broadcasting constant and timely information about practicalities, codes of conduct, recycling, health and safety, on-site activities, and much more.

For inspiration, let’s take a look at some of the best examples of how music festival marketers use Twitter during their events.

1) Sharing logistical information

2) Advising visitors to be eco-friendly and to keep the place clean

3) Reminding people to take care of their health and safety

4) Promoting on-site activities

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