How to Write Tweets That Will Sell Tickets and Win Fans

Do you ever feel like you’re speaking into a void when you post messages on Twitter? With so many tweets flying around it can be hard to stand out.

Luckily, the folks at Buffer have gathered a few lessons in why tweets go viral — lessons you can use to win the attention of fans and sell tickets. Check out the full article here and see our favorite tips below:

“1. Use self-explanatory images so your message is easily understood

Try asking these three questions:

  1. Would this image make sense with no caption at all?
  2. Does this image contain relevant or insightful content?
  3. Would I share this content myself on Twitter?

If the answer to at least 2 of the 3 questions is yes, you’re in a great place.

2. People share to entertain friends and family

According to a 2016 study from Fractl, the number one reason people share content on social media is to entertain. Of the 2,000 people that were surveyed, an overwhelming 43% of peopleshare content that they “think their friends will find entertaining.”

Sharing content that aims to entertain serves two key purposes.

  1. It helps people to build and nurture relationships with those that are close to us
  2. It helps people to connect with those they may not otherwise stay in touch with

Creating content with the ultimate goal of entertainment can be an extremely powerful lever in your social media strategy.

3. Add a “Wow” factor to stimulate the brain

There are only a few things that get people to share quicker than lighting up their brain with instant stimulation. When people see something that is particularly incredible or shocking, their brain immediately thinks “share.”

Just like you as marketers can create a “wow factor” with audiences through excellent customer service, you can create that same “wow factor” with information and content.

When’s the last time you were scrolling through your feed on Twitter and saw something that made you stop in your tracks?”

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