How to Use Hashtags in Your Social Media Marketing

hashtag1Are you using hashtags in your social media marketing? Plenty of people avoid them altogether, while others go a little #overboard #hashtagging #everything.

So how do you strike a balance and create hashtags that your fans will respond to? The folks over at MarketingProfs have some advice. Read all five of their tips here, and check out our favorites below:

“1. Use the hashtag as an ice-breaker

Casually throw in the hashtag to start conversion. On Twitter, for example, ask your followers a question that incorporates your hashtag. People will respond using the hashtag, because they know it will increase the visibility of their response.

As more people respond, it will spread; and, before you know it, there’s an entire community surrounding your hashtag—and ultimately, your event. You can even encourage people to use the hashtag to connect with and meet other attendees at your event.

Your ultimate goal is to get people to feel comfortable using that hashtag so that it spreads.

hashtag-quote-550x4762. Get a (dirty-minded) friend’s advice

Before you saunter out the door with your fresh new hashtag and a glimmer in your pound sign, get a quick second opinion.

On the scale of cutesy to racy, there’s a nice medium. To achieve that essential balance, you’ll want to ask your most immature friend (you know who we’re talking about) to take a blunt scan of your hashtag to see if they can make anything awkward out of it. Why? You don’t want a repeat of SNL Celebrity Jeopardy’s #analbumcover. (Poker face).”

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