How to Make Facebook Events Work for You

Does your organization use Facebook events to promote your shows? Then you’ll want to hear about the latest developments to this feature. recently reported on the changes to Facebook events, which hadn’t been all that well-received by users until recently. One of the biggest changes was switching the “decline” button — which people were loathe to click — to “can’t go,” a much friendlier option. Other highlights:

“In News Feed, one way you’ll start seeing more events is similar to how Facebook’s Related Articles works: If you click on one story, a card with ‘related links’ to similar stories will show up. So now, if you click on a local wine tasting event, a card with similar happenings will show up. The action might get you in the habit of wanting to use Facebook to discover events.

… [I]n addition to getting related events in front of us, the News Feed now favors public events, giving them more weight than it previously did, considering things like your location, friends, and interests to decide which events to surface. Basically, it’s capitalizing on FOMO, and unabashedly so.

… There’s a dedicated Facebook page you can use to create an event. You might not have known such a thing exists, but it does: The team pushed this tool live (without promoting it) when the revamp began. Using beautiful, screen-consuming photos, Facebook guides you through the creation of an event, even encouraging you to embed videos. Once you choose to make your party private or public, you’re pushed back into Facebook. The tool is just for setting up an event, and you have to use Facebook for managing and updating the event.”

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