How to Find Your Most Loyal Fans

Loyal fans are an amazing thing to have, so of course it makes sense to try and identify them and give them the best experience possible.

So how do you find your most loyal fans? Small Business Trends offers 9 signs of a loyal customer. You can read all 9 here and see our picks below:

‘1. They Don’t Consider Cost an Issue

“When your customers do business with you because of the service your provide and/or the results you deliver and price is never mentioned, then you know you have, without a doubt, a very loyal customer. My agency works with brands of all sizes, and while the smaller companies could nickel and dime us or ask for price matching, they don’t, simply because they know the type of results they receive.” ~ Jonathan LongMarket Domination Media

3. They Give Testimonials and Reviews

“If a customer takes the time to give you a positive testimonial or review, there’s a good chance they’ll become a loyal customer. If possible, please reply, thanking them for their time. Also don’t be shy to ask for reviews or testimonials. Just ask them for their genuine feedback one way or another and most will be glad to share.” ~ Nicolas

9. They’ll Call You Out

“For us, loyal customers are engaged. They don’t hesitate to have open, honest conversations to deliver constructive feedback on how we can be better. They work with us to build the relationship and the quality of the product we deliver and provide transparency into their business as well. When things get tough, rather than looking elsewhere, they give us feedback to make the relationship better.” ~ Dan GoldenBe Found Online

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