How to Appeal to Unconventional Audiences

It’s called the  “Amazin’ Mets Pass,” and it’s a Netflix-style subscription deal that “allows fans to buy standing-room tickets to regular season home games for $39 a month,” reports Olivia Perreault for TicketNews.

According to Chris Zaber, New York Mets Senior Vice President of Ticket Sales, the pass targets millennials and unconventional audiences.

Photo Courtesy of TicketNews

Perreault describes how it works: The subscription is app-based. After signing up for the subscription, fans can download mobile tickets to 78 games throughout the season — and scan their mobile tickets at the gate.

She adds that the new deal follows the ongoing subscription-based trend over the past few years; just like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, or Apple Music, the Amazin’ Mets Pass will renew each month.

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