How Some Venues Are Saving the Planet, One Live Event at a Time

pulse-bwy-green-alliance-ticketsIn honor of Earth Day (today!), Goldstar Pulse spoke with two industry insiders — Susan Sampliner, Wicked’s longtime company manager, and legendary D.C. disc jockey and environmentalist Cerphe — about some of the creative ways venues across the country are minimizing their environmental impact via the three Rs: reducing, reusing and recycling. Read the full article and see some environmentally friendly ideas below:

• How’s this for a statistic: According to a report released by Reverb (a non-profit that’s “greened” over 100 major tours by artists like Coldplay, Drake and Arcade Fire), a staggering 70% of the carbon footprint of an average concert is from fans traveling to and from the show. Promoting ride-sharing, incentivizing the use of public transportation and introducing creative initiatives like bike valet service are simple yet effective ways of reducing that footprint — with the added benefit of reducing traffic congestion around the venue.

• Several years ago, Wicked switched from standard disposable batteries to rechargeable ones. (Broadway shows typically toss batteries out after every single performance.) “Once we switched to rechargeable batteries, we went from using 15,000 in a year to 96 in a year,” says Sampliner. “That was a pretty big surprise!”

• Plastic bottles take thousands of years to degrade in a landfill, according to the Clean Air Council. And even if you’re recycling, it’s best to use as few bottles as possible. So “refill” is the word of the day. And soon, this may be possible even at the least likely of places: music festivals (till now notorious for tiny $10 bottles of water). Last year, Glastonbury Festival made headlines when it teamed up with the international non-profit WaterAid, making it possible for people to refill their bottles with free, clean water at kiosks throughout the festival grounds.

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