How One Theater Is Doing More With Less

How do you increase the quality of your shows, improve community outreach and (hopefully) improve revenue while also cutting costs? If you’re Lorne Campbell, Artistic Director for Northern Stage, you get very strategic. The Guardian recently ran a column from Lorne where he described their efforts and whether or not they’re paying off. A bit of his strategy:

“I became artistic director of Northern Stage in May 2013,” Cambell said. “In this first year, the company and I have been through all of the processes you would expect. There’s the painstaking examination and discussion of what we do and don’t do and the meeting of audiences, artists, participants and stakeholders to try to begin to understand what they want and need. The construction and communication of a new artistic vision, new business plan, new Arts Council NPO application. The implementation of a thousand changes, large and small, to try to serve the legacy of the organisation while breaking vital new ground.

A year on and the cumulative effects of these changes are now starting to become visible to our audiences, artists, partners and participants. It is an exciting and delicate moment, when we begin to discover if the effects of our shifts are what we hoped for, or in fact something very different.”

Read more about Campbell’s efforts here and tell us if your theater is working on similar measures.


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