How Non-Broadway Speakers Inspire at TEDxBroadway

TEDxBroadway is Tuesday! Whether you’ve got your ticket or not (grab your ticket here!), we’d like to share some talks by people who aren’t in the business, but whose messages help shape the future of the Broadway ecosystem. Surprise: Some of the best talks come from people you might not have heard of before.

Here are just a few examples:

Caroline Bragdon: How Community Activism Is Pest Control

Craig Dykers: Snohetta Times Square Renovation

Gabe Zichermann: Engaging Millennials With Gamification

Ainissa Ramirez: Where Arts & Science Meet

Laurie Santos: Monkey Minds, Human Minds & Theatre

Registration for the TEDxBroadway conference will begin at 1:15pm on February 27, 2018. Tickets are $100.
You can purchase tickets here.
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