How James Bond Keeps the Quality Up for 50+ Years

1$_V?_Job NameThe James Bond film franchise has been around for 53 years (the 24th film, Spectre, just opened last Friday). And while not every film has been a critical or box office success, as a whole the brand has millions of avid fans and financial records many would be jealous of.

So how have the filmmakers kept the fans and movie studios happy for so many decades? Producer Barbara Broccoli shared with the Associated Press that their top priority is the story and making the best movies they can:

 “They’re challenging films to make because of the size of what we do,” she said. “I always say, if you don’t like problems, don’t become a film producer.” … “We just set about trying to make a good movie and we do it the best we can. And in our time,” added Broccoli. “I don’t think we can comment on other people’s process, but that’s our process. We’ll just stick to that.”

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