How Instagram Is Changing Everything

In this American Theatre article, Billy McEntee highlights the pros and cons of building and maintaining a social media — and more specifically an Instagram — presence.

McEntee begins his article: “On December 20, Mean Girls announced that Cameron Dallas would be joining its Broadway company as heartthrob Aaron Samuels for a limited four-week run.”

And who is Cameron Dallas?

According to McEntee, “Dallas is a wunderkind of the internet, a celebrity from YouTube, Instagram, the (the now-defunct) Vine, and beyond.”

McEntee quotes Jay Armstrong Johnson, who recently played Raoul in Phantom of the Opera on Broadway: “Instagram is absolutely shaping the theatre industry.” Johnson notes that Instagram has become “a necessary app, a connecting device” not just for fans and those without access to the arts, but also “to other artists, which has often led to new projects and/or collaborations.”

“Directors and casting directors are using social media to seek talent,” continues McEntee. Major theater industry publications often share tips for artists to boost their followings and, “Instagram and the ways to wield it are already being taught to aspiring actors at the undergraduate level.”

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