How Gen Z Will Change the Way You Sell Tickets

We’ve been talking about millennials and their buying habits for a while, but now there’s a new generation of ticket buyers coming onto the scene: Generation Z.

What’s this group (born between 1995 and 2014) like? RetailDive offers some insight into their buying habits and interests:

 They’re Mobile
“One thing all members of Generation Z have in common: None has lived in a world without the internet or mobile phones.”

They Care
“Generation Z is even more attuned than millennials to issues like sustainability, and believes in its own power to make a difference.”

They Want Quality
“They’re very willing to switch brands, and they’re demanding rather than fickle: IBM found 52% will transfer loyalty from one brand to another if quality is not up to par.”

They Want Connection
“In fact, 28% of Gen Z shoppers are likely to ask a store associate for advice, compared to an average of 21% across all other demographics.”

Learn more about Gen Z here.

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