How Food Is Gaining Ground in Live Entertainment

For the travel industry, food is a big — make that a huge — deal. Dan Peltier at reported that nearly one in two millennials consider themselves “foodies” and that foodie travelers spend 18-20 percent more in destinations across every age group and country of origin.

However, food experiences aren’t just relegated to a restaurant dining room. Skift reports that tourists are looking for more immersive experiences — one-on-one tours, lessons from chefs and themed tastings that give them a true sense of the local cuisine.

In fact, Reserve CEO Greg Hong declared that “dining will be the last form of live entertainment.” Meaning, this trend isn’t just about travel and tourists, but for everyone who loves food and entertainment.

What does that mean for the live entertainment industry? Mainly, a change in the way we think about food and dining. Because, as Jim has written before, Food IS Entertainment:

“It would be a big mistake for you to put this kind of event in a different (and conveniently noncompetitive) category from your theater or sports team or concert hall, because to the consumer anything that entertains, delights or captivates them is where their attention and money will go.

Food is entertainment, more than ever, and that changes things throughout the industry.”

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