How Far Would You Go to Make Your Fans Happy?

Would you build a pipeline for beer so your patrons don’t have to wait an extra second for their pint?

It may sound crazy, but The Local reports that a heavy metal festival in Germany is doing just that.

“In anticipation of all the beer to be drunk, the fest is building its first ever beer pipeline to transport the average 400,000 litres of brew consumed each year to the concert grounds. And the pipeline system will be speedy enough for bartenders to draw six beers per second.”

Granted, this is a little extreme (although also pretty awesome), but it got us thinking. Are there ways you could be going the extra mile for your fans? Is there something you could do to get them excited about visiting and make it clear that you’re aiming to give them the best experience possible?

It doesn’t have to be a pipe full of beer, but that’s not a terrible place to start.

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