How Do the Under 25 Connect to Classical Music Today?


We love to spot a trend. Or, in this case, SPOTify a trend.

According to new research by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (RPO), young people are discovering classical music via streaming platforms. And, yes, this is translating to ticket sales.

Melissa Bradshaw reports for Rhinegold Publishing: “Almost half of young people polled (46%) listened to orchestral music on streaming platforms such as Spotify or YouTube … – making it the most common way young people are engaging with orchestral music.”

Bradshaw continues:

“Beyond digital and broadcast media, the live experience remains a cornerstone of orchestral engagement with a quarter (25%) of people under 25 saying they attended a concert from time to time – slightly higher than the average of 21% across all ages.”

Bradshaw also quotes James Williams, managing director at the RPO: “Technology is playing a huge role in shaping the future of how people engage with orchestral music. … Using various technologies and multi-media platforms provides one piece of the jigsaw but other factors, for example considering where concerts are staged (venue and geographical location), providing a broad choice of programming, affordable tickets and ensuring that attending live performances can provide a positive social experience, are all factors that the RPO has learned are important both for new and returning audiences.”

Now’s a good time to make those playlists, if you haven’t already.

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