How about Hamilton, Live on Independence Day?

Broadway’s having a moment. I felt it last week when I hosted TEDxBroadway — sales are up, shows are getting more exciting and more diverse, people all over the country felt it when they saw the performance of Hamilton live on the Grammys. Even my buddy Bob Lefsetz said that, “Hamilton is the best musical event of the year.”

Not the best musical of the year, but the best thing that happened in music.

He’s right.

But here’s an insane and impractical idea that could take this whole thing to the next level, to take full advantage of this moment and turn it into a permanent thing, where Broadway and live entertainment really do lead the culture.

How about a live televised performance of Hamilton on July 4th?

I know it’s late. I know that’s a tall order, but in 2016, Hamilton on July 4th may be just what we need.

What do you say, Lin-Manuel?

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