How a Bad Review Might Actually Sell More Tickets

Nobody wants a bad review, whether it’s of a show, a venue or a member of your staff. But there can be a silver lining to a little complaining.

MarketingProfs writer Adrienne Weissman reported, “68% of people trust a company’s reviews more when they see bad ones mixed in with the good.” Also, a recent study found that “18% of people became loyal repeat customers after they received a brand’s response to their negative feedback.”

So how can you turn a bad review into a positive outcome? Weissman has a few suggestions:

  • “Respond. Read all reviews, even bad ones. Give yourself time to digest the information and investigate the issue or feedback. It’s ideal to reply within 48 hours. Be polite, and try your best to provide information to help resolve the issue.
  • Thank the customer. For every customer that complains, 26 don’t. Negative feedback is like a free consultation. Whether your customer is irritated about subpar customer service or a clunky software interface, his or her comment gives you an unbiased glimpse into what’s not working, and that’s worth a thank you.
  • Apologize. Even if you don’t think you or your team did anything wrong, tell all displeased customers you’re sorry that they’re unhappy. Avoid canned statements, and respond directly to details in customer posts.
  • Make it right. Offer to fix or replace a defective product, demonstrate how to use the product correctly, or give the customer a chance to connect an individual or team. If you’ve made changes because of an ongoing issue, such as fixing a bug in your software, give specifics.
  • Follow up. Check in with customers by phone or email to see how everything’s going and try to get ahead of any issues in the first place. Send satisfied customers a link to review their purchases. With your gentle encouragement, the customer most likely will engage with your sincere and appropriate efforts.”
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