Holiday Treat: Use Boost & Get 150% Match! Now Until Dec. 31

This holiday season, we want to give your events the gift of extra promotion!

When you create a Boost campaign of $500 or more between now and December 31, we’ll match it 150% (it’s like a BOGO and a half!).

Boost puts you in a prime position in emails to Goldstar’s most engaged members. And in December, when Goldstar members spend 30% more on average, Boost gives your event some extra sparkle.

Boost is also the best way to get a jump on your January shows. You’ll get consistent exposure and the repeat views needed to spark purchases.

Our Boost team can help you put together a marketing plan to take advantage of the promo, or you can set up a campaign right now in the Audience Marketing Platform and we’ll go in and add the 150% match (just include “BOGO” in the campaign name like the example below).

Create a Boost campaign.

Happy Holidays!

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