Hiring an Ad Agency? Read This First

As Jim pointed out earlier this week, you can boost your business with just a small amount of the budget going to better customer service than a large amount going to advertising.

But, if you’ve got enough room to push both, Inc.com has a few tips for hiring an ad agency that’ll go the extra mile for you.

A few highlights:

1. Know what ad agencies do (and don’t do).

Many clients think ad agencies sell products. They hire an agency, and if sales don’t improve quickly enough, they blame the agency.

However, an ad agency’s primary job is to match your product or service with a target audience that needs what you’re selling. This can take time, especially in an industry with very long sales cycles.

5. Know what you want your brand to represent.

Big brands usually appeal to a basic human need to motivate people to buy their products (e.g., sex, self-esteem, fear, etc.). But be careful — the approach your business uses must be consistent with your brand to avoid alienating, confusing, or simply boring your target audience.

For all seven tips, head over to Inc.com. 



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