Do You Know How Big Your Audience Really Is?

Do you know how large your Goldstar audience is?

A quick check of your analytics charts in the Audience Marketing Platform will give you that information — your overall reach, email inclusions, pageviews, engaged audience and more. To see your emails and pageviews, for example, just click on “See All Analytics” next to the event you want to look at and then select the “Impressions” tab.

The Impressions chart measures the event’s number of email inclusions and pageviews. Here’s an example:

The blue bars on the chart show your daily impressions, and the orange line shows how your impressions build over time.

The easiest way to grow your audience? A Boost campaign! Boost gets your event into additional emails in a prominent spot, so you’ll see your impressions, reach and awareness grow.

Plus, during December Goldstar is offering special season packages and Boost mini-plans. Email and put “Boost — December Savings” in the subject line to learn more.

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