“Here Lies Love” Shakes Up Its Start Times

Back in January, Goldstar CEO Jim McCarthy made the point that everything is marketing, including start times. It’s an important development because it recognizes the audience, and it puts their needs first. This summer, the musical Here Lies Love — a collaboration between David Byrne and Fatboy Slim about the life of the former First Lady of the Philippines Imelda Marcos — added a 5:00pm show on Fridays and Saturdays … and it’s a hit. We wanted to know more about how this earlier showtime came to be so we talked to Rick Miramontez from O&M Co. for the details. 

SellingOut: You recently added a 5:00pm show on Friday and Saturday. How’s this new time slot selling?

Rick Miramontez: It’s definitely picking up as the summer continues, and people are reacting positively to the show times.

SO: How did you come to this decision to add the 5:00pm show on Friday and Saturday?

RM: Here Lies Love is a party. It’s a show set in a disco where the audience is really participating in the experience. We wanted to capture the spirit of summer in the city where people are ready to start their weekends early.

SO: If it’s successful, will you add 5:00pm shows on more days?

RM: The 5:00pm and 9:30pm times seem to work best on the weekends in the summer.  The show will revisit show times in the fall and winter and might adjust accordingly.

SO: Do you think you’re reaching a different audience with this new, earlier time slot?

RM: We definitely are making a performance available every week for the theatrical community. The 5:00pm show is perfect for other actors who have shows, as they are out by 6:30pm and can make their 8:00pm curtains in plenty of time. In recent weeks, the 5:00 pm show has been seen by the likes of Tommy Tune, Alan Rickman, Marilu Henner, Uzo Aduba, Karine Plantidit, Anika Larsen, Mario Cantone, Dule Hill, Lea DeLaria, Andy Kelso, Marsha Mason. So it’s a great performance to spot a star!

SO: Do you market this earlier show differently?

RM: We call it the “Summer Friday Happy Hour Show.” It definitely caters to many New Yorkers who have the luxury of summer hours and leave their offices early in the day. Instead of just going out drinking, they can come and start partying early, seeing a hit musical, dancing along with the cast and getting out in time for dinner reservations. A bar has been set up in the theater serving pre and post show, so it’s definitely happy hour. And folks traveling out to the beach and mountains for their weekend can leave later when there’s less traffic. It’s a win-win!

SO: Is the vibe or response to the earlier show any different from the later start times?

RM: Here Lies Love receives the same response from all the audiences. They truly love it. The story, the music, the staging, the dancing — it reaches all ages.


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