Have You Seen Goldstar’s New FlyBy Feature?

As we mentioned earlier on Selling Out, Goldstar’s latest feature allows members to experience the view from their seat before ever entering the theater. Venues Today recently covered the launch in more detail. You can read the full article here (you’ll need a subscription to Venues Today) or see an excerpt below:

“Discount ticket distributor Goldstar has introduced a new product, FlyBy, which uses drones inside a venue to show its customers where their seats will be located and the view of the stage from their seat.

‘Remember, there are a lot of people out there who have never stepped foot inside a theater and don’t know what to expect,’ said Patch Canada, Goldstar’s director of communication. ‘This is another way we are trying to make people comfortable with going to shows.’

… Goldstar CEO Jim McCarthy said the company currently works with about 4,000 venues and arts organizations, with 8 million customers in the U.S. searching Goldstar for events to attend.

McCarthy pointed out that the FlyBy product is still experimental. ‘The product was developed to help with a consumer’s lack of knowledge or anxiety about where their seat is going to be and what they’ll be able to view from that seat,’ said McCarthy. ‘Seating charts are nice, but I think everyone will agree that getting an actual look would be even more helpful. The real purpose of the product is to prevent barriers to people buying tickets. The drone is a fun, clever way to break that down.’

The first drone is currently being employed in the Pasadena (Calif.) Playhouse. ‘We want to see how venues and consumers like it,’ said McCarthy. ‘So far, it’s a big hit. Our intension is to do this for a number of our partners, and we’re already looking at places to roll it out next.'”

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