Hamilton Makes Every Dollar — er, $10 — Count

The once off-Broadway musical Hamilton, now opening August 6 on Broadway, has announced front-row seats of its performances will be available via lottery for only a “Hamilton,” or $10, which has Founding Father Alexander Hamilton’s face on it.

We’ve already posted about how Hamilton, with music and lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda (In the Heights), seems to have nailed the formula for a winning show in the post Hamilton Shows How to Merge the New and Familiar in a Powerful Way, in which we highlighted Jim’s thoughts on that formula:

“Here’s the formula that works best: one part familiar to two parts new.

The familiar grounds the audience (or potential audience) enabling them to reach out to the new. The new, on the other hand, drives the emotional connection, the excitement and the conversation-worthiness of the event.”

We wish Hamilton continued success!

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