#Ham4Ham: What a Live DVD Extra Looks Like

Two hours before each performance of the hit Broadway show Hamilton, a huge crowd gathers outside the Richard Rodgers Theatre for a ticket lottery to try to score $10 front-row seats. These drawings have become (mini) performances of their own, known as #Ham4Ham, where anything can happen — from three of the show’s actors lip-syncing to a stage-door guy spitting almost all of Slick Rick’s lyrics.

Lin-Manuel ­Miranda, creator-songwriter-star of Hamilton, tweets before lunch about what to expect at the free pre-show performance, and fans can watch the videos from 46th Street almost in real time, reports Christopher Bonanos in an article for Vulture.

Bonanos writes, “This is, as far as anyone can remember, unique. Nobody else has tried to offer the equivalent of a DVD extra, live, on a Manhattan side street, twice a week.”

Christopher Jackson, who plays George Washington, adds, “I feel like Broadway is finding its voice in that medium [Twitter]. The emergence of social media in the Broadway fan’s life — it’s sort of a serendipitous thing for us and for a lot of shows.”

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