Guaranteed Attention-Getter: An Opera of Orgasms

Photo Courtesy of Adweek

You’re a Swedish opera house premiering your rendition of Puccini’s Turandot, and you’d like to attract younger audiences. What do you do?

One sure way to get new patrons is to release an ad that’s been labeled “The Opera of Orgasms.”

The Swedish opera house Folkoperan hired an ad agency to produce a video of people, um, having orgasms.

Adweek reports: “In the film, people in various — not necessarily glamorous — sexual situations express their climax to the tune of the Nessun Dorma aria. It’s a celebration of boundless desire, that moment when you’re so close to cresting that things like context, expectation and social norms no longer matter. And it beautifully mirrors the state Turandot’s admirers find themselves in, one in which the proximity of pleasure is so painful that nothing matters more than finding release, not even oblivion.”

You can watch the video here.

Thinking way outside the box and making over-the-top connections when it comes to marketing campaigns can work wonders.

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