Great Ways to Grow Your Audience on Social

Online communities can be “your strongest advocates and biggest assets,” writes Colin O’Riordan for HubSpot.

O’Riordan explains: “Online communities are groups of people who have a connection with your brand and/or each other. They communicate with you about your products and often share brand experiences.” And, he continues, “social platforms now offer useful features that can help build brand relationships.”

He highlights five brands who are using social media to spark community growth. We share one example below, and you can read about the others here.

“Instagram Stories: National Geographic

Another great tool for sparking conversations and building community is through Instagram Stories. With the recent introduction of Create mode, brands can easily run polls, post question stickers, and host live streams.

The question stickers are particularly useful for increasing brand interactions, as you can invite followers to submit their queries or feedback on a particular product. These can then be shared with the wider audience.

National Geographic does a stellar job of using Instagram Stories to engage their social followers. They use the feature to help educate the follower by asking them questions and providing them with two possible answers. The social user is encouraged to click through to the next story to see if they got the question correct.

They also use live Instagram stories to explore areas such as Yellowstone National Park. Viewers can then ask the expert any questions they may have and receive an answer in real-time.

Trailers to new shows such as Gordon Ramsay’s “Uncharted,” give users a teaser of what to expect, while the ‘swipe up’ function invites them to visit the website to learn more.

These features make the social user feel more connected to the brand and introduces them to other platforms that they may not have visited before.”

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