Grammy Awards: Singing to the Tune of Live Streaming

Jim has written about the benefits of streaming a live event many times, including in his post, You Can’t Kill Demand for a Product by Giving It to More People. And now, for the first time ever, this Sunday’s Grammy Awards broadcast will be available through the CBS Television Network’s subscription video on demand and live streaming service, CBS All Access. In his above mentioned post, Jim wrote:

“In my view, starting now but developing in years to come, theater and performing arts venues should find ways of making the content available in multiple forms. Forget about “protecting the business model.” The history of business shows us that the main danger is in missing opportunities by protecting the business model too much. … Here’s the challenge to a generation of entrepreneurs in theater and the performing arts: Find ways to distribute the content to as many people as possible, as easily as possible. Build that fan base. Create those secondary revenue streams to create the profit that allows a cycle of building on success.”

Good luck to all of the 2015 Grammy nominees!

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