Grab Your Patrons’ Attention Before They’re Gone

When we create marketing content, it’s good to keep this fact in mind:

“According to Chartbeat: 55% of people read your post for just 15 seconds or less,” reports Search Engine Journal.

We’ve got to grab our patrons’ attention fast, and SEJ shares some tips on “how to optimize your blog content for 55% who skim while still delighting the 45% who don’t.”

“Keep Intro Paragraphs Short & Sweet

Most people get carried away with introductions. Tons of intros can feel like their own main section of an article. I’ve seen it all from images to study break-downs within an intro, and it simply doesn’t make sense. Data shows that people skim. So, what do you think they are skimming first?

Most likely it’s your intro. They clicked on your content and they know what to expect. Chances are they aren’t reading your intro and they jumped straight to an H2. Instead of wasting your own time writing long-winded intros, follow a simple strategy like PAS — problem, agitate, solution.”

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