Goldstar’s Thanksgiving Appeal Returns to Feed Those in Need

ThanksgivingAppealGoldstar has announced they’ll once again help put Thanksgiving dinner on the table for people in need through their 12th Annual Thanksgiving Appeal.

Starting Saturday, November 21, Goldstar members will be able to easily make a donation to a local organization on the Goldstar site and iOS and Android apps. The money raised from these donations will then go to local food banks, homeless shelters and organizations that help feed those in need this Thanksgiving in more than 35 U.S. cities coast to coast.

Goldstar’s Annual Thanksgiving Appeal began in 2004 when the company was still pretty small. The founders discovered that people didn’t buy many tickets just before Thanksgiving, so they decided to use their resources (which at the time were email and the Goldstar website) to encourage people to support an organization that could help make Thanksgiving a little bit better for those who might not have much of a holiday at all.

“That first year we raised $2,160! Not exactly a king’s ransom,” says Goldstar CEO Jim McCarthy. “Goldstar has grown significantly since then. And, funnily enough, this time of year is now our busiest season. But, we’re not too big, nor are we too busy, to remember that it’s important to give back each year to those who need it most.” So the Thanksgiving Appeal tradition lives on.

Over the last few years, Goldstar members, along with Goldstar staff, have helped feed nearly 200,000 people annually! The company hopes to feed a lot more this year.

Find out what organizations are participating in your area here.

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