Goldstar User Review: The Venue Matters

oregon-tail-920While not every live performance can be on Broadway or in a grand theater, this Goldstar user review does present evidence that finding a worthy and compatible venue for your show can make a difference in the overall enjoyment. Also, a fun show at a cool venue = people coming back for more shows, which is always a win.

From The Oregon Tail Burlesque: You Have Died of Sexy show at in Chicago:

“What a performance! I will start with the theater … this was my first time there, it was very small, which was wonderful, there was not a bad seat in the house. The show it self was GREAT! The cast was amazing, they were funny and well rehearsed. I love burlesque and this show brought humor with a theme to Burlesque. If you grew up playing Oregon Trail and loved it, this show is for you, they hit on every major Oregon Trail event. I had a great time! I [will] without a doubt go see more shows at this Theater!!!” — Goldstar user Jordan M.

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