Goldstar Subscribers’ Return Readiness Score for Early February 2021

Goldstar is reaching out to live entertainment enthusiasts to see how they feel about returning to in-person events.
The results are interesting! The highlights from early February are below:
When asked to “describe your willingness to go out to live events” on a scale of 0-100:
  • The average response score was 40.
  • If venues followed strict cleaning routines and social distancing policies, the number goes up to 43 out of 100.
  • When asked about wearing a mask to an event, 89 out of 100 said they definitely would.
  • 72 out of 100 said they would get vaccinated (either right away or as soon as they feel it’s safe), and 23 out of 100 are already vaccinated.
  • 49 out of 100 said they would go out to live entertainment events after getting vaccinated.
  • And another bright spot: When asked how much they’re looking forward to the return of live events, the average response was 90 out of 100!


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