Goldstar Releases Apple Watch App

AppleappGoldstar has just announced the latest addition to its top-rated mobile suite — the Apple Watch app – joining the iPhone and Android apps in making live entertainment more convenient than ever before.

“Convenience is at the very core of what we do to help people go out to live entertainment more often,” says Goldstar CEO Jim McCarthy. “Our Apple watch app is another handy way to have all the information you need for a great night out.”

Apple Watch pairs with iPhone 5 or later and lets you quickly and easily do many of the things you do on your phone, right there on your wrist. For Goldstar users, this means they can now view their upcoming events and get directions to venues with a simple swipe of their watch. Almost 70% of Goldstar usage comes from mobile, so Apple Watch integration stands to be a huge value for its members, especially as new features are rolled out in the coming months.

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