Goldstar Launches in Detroit

2111C3F36-FD5C-A1B5-FE7CDB9F8FD5C3FF.jpg.pagespeed.ce.XYdzVF349SNk9MhcP6EuGoldstar (Selling Out’s parent company) already helps more than 5 million people find fun things to do on a regular basis. Now, we’re letting the good folks in Detroit get in on the action.

“Detroit has such a vibrant and dynamic cultural scene,” says Jim McCarthy, CEO, Goldstar. “Since our goal is to bridge audiences with great live entertainment events, heading to Detroit is a no brainer for us.”

Last week Goldstar officially launched in Detroit, offering members tickets to events from Olympia Entertainment, Performance Network Theatre, The Farmington Players, Murder Mystery Company, Detroit Pistons Basketball and lots more. They join Goldstar’s network of 5,000+ venue partners across the U.S. who’ve used us to connect to new audiences, sell out more shows and increase overall revenue. Goldstar’s venue partners receive 95% of the revenue on each ticket sold. (Purchasers pay a small service fee to Goldstar when they buy.) These partners are also getting new audiences in seats that would otherwise be empty.

Goldstar has cracked the code on what motivates people to get out and see a show, and it’s not necessarily price, but rather great options, convenience and ease-of-use. Detroit members can purchase tickets on their computers, tablets or phones, get tips on what to wear and where to park, discover events they might not know existed, and all-in-all just enjoy more live entertainment.

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