Goldstar Gives Back This Thanksgiving — and You Can, Too!

Most people see Thanksgiving as a time to spend in the company of people they care about, reflecting on the good things in their lives and, hopefully, a time for a little relaxation.

That’s understandable. That might be you. Life can be stressful and rushed, with lots of different demands. Just getting the turkey and pie together and having the house in decent shape for guests can feel like a full-time job!

But what if you could be another kind of person at Thanksgiving? Someone who enjoys all that holiday relaxation, all that tasty food AND makes the holidays better for people who aren’t really set up to have a nice meal and sit in a cozy home with people they love? Are you open-minded about the possibility that you could be this type?

I hope so, because I think you can. For the last 14 years, we’ve reached out to you just before Thanksgiving to make it super easy to be both the Queen or King of the Long Weekend AND basically a saint. OK, that might be a bit strong, but if not a saint, at least somebody who is part of the solution. We work directly with organizations in all of the cities we serve to encourage everyone to donate to their Thanksgiving meal service efforts in just a couple clicks. You can use the credit card you have on file with Goldstar, your Paypal account, Apple Pay … in other words, it couldn’t be much simpler.

Now you may be thinking that it’s nice to feed people once a year on Thanksgiving, but what about the rest of the year? In fact, the organizations we work with do tremendous work all year long not just to feed, clothe and house those who need support, but to take steps to change and solve the problems they address, such as homelessness, hunger and mental health. You’re supporting the Thanksgiving programs of these organizations, but you’re also supporting the work they do to make the world more like the one I (and you, I bet) want to live in.

It’s an easy time to be cynical about what’s possible. It feels sometimes as though the people responsible for making things better are working feverishly to keep the problems right where they are. But that’s an easy out: The effort of people who care can and does make a difference every day. We don’t talk about this kind of thing very often, but it’s a tradition at Goldstar that goes all the way to the beginning of our company. I’m proud of it, because I know that Goldstar members collectively have fed hundreds of thousands of people and supported organizations that do incredible work.

Maybe being part of this tradition is for you, and maybe it’s not, but if it is, I want you to know I appreciate the support of the many, many of you who spend 30 seconds every Thanksgiving to make their contribution, right before they head to the grocery store to buy those last 15 things for the big day …

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jim McCarthy
CEO, Co-founder Goldstar

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