Goldstar Announces Its One of a Kind Partnership With Eventbrite

We’re sharing a note from Goldstar CEO Jim McCarthy about some exciting news:

Goldstar announced its one of a kind partnership with Eventbrite, and I have a few thoughts to share with you about this:

It integrates Eventbrite ticketing directly into the Goldstar Audience Marketing Platform.
That means, if you’re producing a show and you’re an Eventbrite organizer, you’re going to be able to do the event ticketing setup in the same place where you can also create your Goldstar offers and buy Boost email marketing for it, all while in your pajamas. Or a Batman costume. Or whatever. The point is, you’re going to be able to do all this stuff in one place, in one session, without necessarily having to talk to anybody. Not that we don’t want to talk to you. Give us a call! How were your holidays?

Also, by integrating the two systems, you and your audience get another huge benefit: No more will call. Goldstar members can print their tickets right after they buy them, and you can scan them at the door.

For some Goldstar organizers, it’s an opportunity to try an amazing ticketing system.
We did an analysis of Goldstar organizers — the people who sell shows and events on Goldstar, professional live entertainment and arts organizations of all genres, sizes and proximity to an In-N-Out Burger — and what we found is that many organizers are using older systems or homegrown systems that are missing some of the capabilities we know our organizers want.

There are a lot of good ticketing systems out there, but for many of our organizers, Eventbrite is exactly what the doctor ordered, especially if you host General Admission or non-seated events. (It’s a Ticket Doctor, I guess.) The system is easy to use, really built out in terms of features, and can handle whatever volume you can throw at it. Now, since you’re working in AMP already, if you’re curious, you can just give it a try for an event. It might just change your life. At least the ticketing part of it.

If you’re a Goldstar organizer, and you’re not working in AMP already, well, you’re missing out and this is just another reason to start.
This is where Goldstar organizers can control their destiny, setting up shows, changing inventory, checking their payments, tracking the growth in their audience on Goldstar, buying Boost to reach more people and about two dozen more things that are at least as good as these.

Now, we’re integrating Eventbrite into the system as well, so the scale of the FOMO you should be experiencing right now could be dangerous … Don’t risk it! We’re doing AMP Walkthroughs for any organizer who wants one, so let us know by emailing At this point, there could be a little waiting list because the first batch of these filled up right away, but we will absolutely without fail connect you with a smart, capable and stylish member of the Organizer Success Team to show you how it’s done as soon as possible.

If you’re not a Goldstar organizer, but you enjoy selling tickets easily and reaching a massive new audience not just on Goldstar, but across a vast network of distribution partners, in email and in space, all while enjoying both the best personal hands-on support AND the best self-serve tools anywhere, I’ve got good news.
We can make that happen. Except the part about space. I’ve just been informed that if you’re an astronaut on the International Space Station, you can actually use AMP and Goldstar from space, so I take it back.

If you’re a Goldstar organizer on another ticketing system, it’s all good.
In fact, it’s all great. Goldstar is integrated with more ticketing systems than anybody else, allowing you to sell seamlessly digitally on 8 major platforms. In fact, as the Eventbrite integration moves forward, it will become clearer and easier to use the digital integrations with other fine systems to create your offers on Goldstar. We pioneered digital ticketing integrations with third party sellers (such as us), we’re the leaders, and we intend to keep it that way!

I’m extremely proud of this partnership and the work that’s being done by the Goldstar and Eventbrite teams to bring you something that’s never existed before: a ticketing system inside an audience marketing system! It’s already made a big difference to so many organizers, and the best is yet to come.

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