Goldstar Announces AXS Ticketing Integration

Editor’s Note: We’ve got great news for anyone who loves more ticket sales with less work (so … everyone). Goldstar has taken another step in its ongoing efforts to make it easier than ever to market to new audiences and sell out every show: 

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Goldstar, the live entertainment industry’s leader for event discovery and purchase, recently announced a full digital integration with primary ticketing system AXS.

AXS is the latest to join Goldstar’s ever-growing list of major digital ticketing platform partners, which include: Eventbrite, Ticketmaster, Outbox, Tessitura Networks, Broadway Inbound/FIT and

“We’ve been completing these integrations for one simple reason: More ticket sales should not translate to more work for our 5,000 venue partners,” says Goldstar CEO, Jim McCarthy. “Venues come to a third-party channel like Goldstar to help them build awareness for and sell their shows to our nearly 8 million members. These integrations are designed to be seamless, real-time and convenient.”

The integrations allow a purchase to happen simultaneously on Goldstar and the core ticketing platform. It eliminates the need for things like will-call, and removes the administrative burden of having to switch platforms to track sales, promotions and offers.

“We’re very focused on making end-to-end digital integration with all major ticketing systems an expected norm for our partners because, well, we think the industry deserves it and everyone benefits when it’s there,” says McCarthy.

You can learn more about Goldstar’s efforts with integrations here.

Since 2002, Goldstar’s been making live entertainment a part of everyday life for millions of people nationwide. Whether on the site or in the app, it’s fast and easy to discover local live events — from theater and sports to concerts, comedy and more.

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