Goldstar and Eventbrite in the News

We’ve got some news that will help you reach a wider audience, and make it more convenient for them to catch your events. Goldstar‘s new partnership with Eventbrite lets you list your event on Goldstar and Eventbrite from one platform, and use mobile ticketing — meaning no more will-call!

“‘For events like ours that are new, you really can get your name out there and sell more tickets on Goldstar and Eventbrite,’ says Amber Fleming, event producer for Foodie Con 2018.” You can read more from Amber in the official press release.

“‘Many of our people already come with a ticket system,’ [Goldstar CEO Jim McCarthy] said. ‘Eventbrite will be available for people who want to upgrade or expand and having it in our toolbox just makes the whole process a whole lot easier. The last thing you want is to have to go to a million different places to track down your data.’” — VenuesNow

“The Eventbrite integration will enable eligible Goldstar creators to expedite the scanning of tickets for attendees using any smartphone or tablet … eliminating the need for will-call and paper tickets.” — Amplify newsletter

With Eventbrite, the creator platform allows event or festival organisers to set up an event in Goldstar, add tickets and set up offers for the event. Event creators can also automatically reach new potential buyers via Eventbrite’s more than 50 distribution partners, including Google, Facebook, and Instagram.” — Ticketing Business News

You can read more of Jim’s thoughts on the partnership here.

If you have questions, or want help trying the Eventbrite integration, email!

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