Giving the People What They Want

Goldstar’s Scott Oklin passed this article along to me. He works with one of our partners in Denver, the Arvada Center, and thought it would be interesting for everyone in the Selling Out community to see.

The Arvada Center gave its patrons a choice of which musicals they would want to see and allowed them to vote. In fact, two of the shows in the season, Camelot and Tarzan, came from patron picks. Interestingly, the Arvada Center did not leave it wide open to patrons to name any show they would like to see produced, but instead gave them a list and asked them to choose. This, I believe, balances the need for an artist or organization to put its own imprint on what it does and to give people a sense of input. If they had simply said, “What would you like us to produce?” patrons probably would have shrugged their shoulders and said, “We don’t know. We were hoping to like your ideas.”

I like this idea quite a bit, and we may get the Arvada Center to make a comment or two for the site soon.

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