Give Your Patrons What They Want: Expertise

Boost your patrons’ confidence and, hopefully, it’ll boost your sales.

PSFK reports, “Consumers gauge their brand loyalty by the level of service they are being provided. Accordingly, retailers are increasingly focusing their efforts on offering expertise at all stages of the shopping experience … ”

The post highlights a few companies that are investing in services “designed to boost the confidence of consumers at every stage of their journey.”

We’ve highlighted one example below, and you can check out the others here:

“Best Buy Camera Experience Shop
Electronics retailer Best Buy offers photography lessons to help shoppers get the most out of their camera purchases. Aspiring photographers can participate in classes led by professional photographers covering topics like shooting in low light or Halloween photography. Beginner classes are free, while more advanced classes start at $50. The classes are offered through the retailer’s Camera Experience Center, a dedicated area of the store with an expanded selection of camera, created in partnership with Canon, Nikon Sony and GoPro.”

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