Give the People What They (Don’t Yet) Know They Want!

A couple days ago, Seth Godin wrote a short but important blog post called “Search vs. Discovery.” Here’s the key snippet:

Search is what we call the action of knowing what you want and questing until you ultimately find it … Discovery, on the other hand, is what happens when the universe (or an organization, or a friend) helps you encounter something you didn’t even know you were looking for.”

Goldstar, for those unfamiliar with us, is in the Discovery business and has been since day one (which is now more than 12 years ago).

How do I know this?

We ask Goldstar members how they use us. We do this not for marketing purposes but because we need to know, and probably wouldn’t still be in business (and thriving thank you very much) for this long if we didn’t.

We ask them things like “Why did you come to the Goldstar site today?” About 85% of the time, they say something like “to see if there is something interesting to go see.” That’s discovery.

We ask them things like “Were you planning to go to the event you recently bought from us?” and more than 90% of them say “I’d never even heard of the event I bought from you before you told me.” Of the remaining 10%, most say something like “I had heard about it, but I probably wasn’t going to go until you reminded me it was there.”

Certainly, a few people go to Goldstar, type in a show name (that’s what Seth would call “search”) and buy that show, but they’re outnumbered, and frankly, we’re not even the best place to do that (although we’re not bad at that either.)

So while the world as a whole needs more Discovery, live entertainment’s got at least one major way to find the thing you didn’t even know you wanted.

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