Give People Permission to Make Fun of You

Is your show really long? Or maybe the title of your event is abstract or silly? The characteristics of your event that make it unique, maybe a bit confusing or possibly even the butt of a joke, could very well be just the thing you should be highlighting in your marketing.

Adweek features an example of this from the Hammer Museum at UCLA. The museum has created a six-minute spot in which it pretty much makes fun of itself. The spot stars Will Ferrell and Joel McHale as, according to Adweek, “museum goers who are refreshingly honest — and funny — as they tour the Hammer’s new Stories of Almost Everyone exhibition. Viewing piece after piece — guided by Hammer curator Aram Moshayedi — the pair are openly bewildered, sometimes verging on disparaging, by the everyday objects that make up the show.”

By acknowledging that art can be confusing, The Hammer capitalizes on a stereotype and uses humor to attract (and keep) your attention.

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