Get Noticed By Your True Fans on Facebook

Facebook can be a valuable marketing tool (as we’ve discussed before), but on a site so huge it can also feel daunting trying to reach the fans that can actually attend your live events.

Social Media Examiner recently outlined several ways you can target potential fans in your area. See below how to get in front of the people who can buy tickets to your shows:

Feature your customers and fans:

Share photos of happy customers on your Facebook business page. Personal photos help your visibility with the friends of your customers. Encourage people to tag themselves in your photos.

Remember, a page cannot tag a fan unless the admin is a personal friend of that person. Only people can tag other people or people can tag themselves.

facebook page post featuring a customer

Post photos that show your customers at your location.

Also, thank your customers from time to time. Post an image and tell your community how much you appreciate them.

facebook page post featuring fans

Thank your fans and your community in photo posts on a regular basis.

When you have a post such as a photograph that people can easily like, you increase your chances of being seen by those people in the future, because they have already interacted with your page.

Collaborate with other local businesses:

One of the best ways to connect with your community is through other local pages. Interact regularly as your page with other local pagesshare their poststag themcomment on their posts and show them a little love. This will make you more visible to their audience.

facebook page post featuring another business

Cross-promote other local pages, so you’re more visible to each other’s fans.

A side benefit of promoting other pages in your community is they’re likely to promote you too. Create a formal cross-promotion plan or just give other pages a shout-out from time to time to create goodwill.

Create local awareness ads:

Reach people who are near your business with a local awareness ad, either because they live nearby or because they’re in your area with their mobile device.

facebook ad options

Local awareness ads reach people who are in your area and direct them to your business.

Create a different call to actionsuch as Get Directionsfor each ad. A local awareness ad is also the perfect way to attract someone to your business for the first time with a coupon.

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