Geo-Tagging, “Human-Face Factor” and More Instagram Tips

Looking for even more patrons? If you haven’t joined already, you’ll want to go where millions of eyes are: Instagram. Hashtag17 has compiled a list of tips for engaging with your audiences intelligently on Instagram, and posted them on MarketingProfs.

Below are a few of our favorites, then read the rest here.

Use the Geo-tagging feature of Instagram to show your followers where you are physically located. Posts with a geotag get 79% more online engagement, on average. Using geotags will also help in boosting your sales among local users and increase regional loyalty.

Use life-inspired backgrounds, scenes, and people to add more character and soul to the pictures. Doing so will automatically bring to the attention of the consumers the essence of your products/services.

Consider this Instagram feed of Nike. In 2014, 60% of Nike’s Instagram feed contained life-inspiring pictures, compared with Adidas’s 32%. The result was that Nike generated eight times more online engagement, which in marketing terms implies strengthening of brand equity.

Use the ‘human-face factor’ in your Instagram feeds. An Instagram image with human faces tends to generate, on average, 38% more likes and a 32% increase in the comments. Look at the Instagram feed of Micheal Kors, where a behind-the-scene selfies of the models was posted and garnered more than 70,000 likes.”

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